Centre for Language Research and English Proficiency

CLAREP is a virtual educational non-governmental, non-profit organisation whose focus is on the advancement of language research in Africa and the promotion of the proficient use of language in all its spheres.


Peer review journals, edited books, specialised and general books


Collaborative research aimed at local and international research communities


For government and non-goverment agencies


For young academics on academic writing, specialised and general personnel.

Call for Papers(C-JEL)

Call for Papers(C-JEL)

Academic Writing Workshop for Young Academics in Africa: The Journal Article

Organized by the Centre for Language Research and English Proficiency (Clarep), under the sponsorship of the Volkswagen Foundation. 

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Certificate Courses

Public Speaking

Executive (1-on-1) : N250,000
Corporate : N90,000
Duration : 3 Months

Speech Writing

Cost : N150,000
Duration : 3 Months

Editing and Proofreading

Cost : N150,000
Duration : 3 Months

Office Communication

Cost : N100,000
Duration : 3 Months

Grant Writing

Cost : N250,000
Duration : 3 Months

Academic Writing

Cost : N150,000
Duration : 3 Months

About Us

Clarep is a convergence of a group of language professionals whose research focus is on language revitalization, expansion of language function, enhancement of language skills and proficiency. The center also provides services such as: Educational Consultancy, Certification Courses, Collaborative Research, Training (for young academics and professionals), and Publications.


Reading maketh a full man; Conferences a ready man; and Writing an exact man…

Sir Francis Bacon

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