Who We Are

A group of language professionals with a focus on the revitalisation and expansion of language functions and the enhancement of academic writing and research skills.


In order to achieve the goal of revitalisation, we engage in research on;
  • Language preservation and documentation
  • Building language databases and language corpora
  • Defining language for specific purposes

Expansion of Language Function

To achieve the expansion of language function, the center tackles the complex multilingual situation in the country by;
  • Conducting specialised training on the handling of language conflicts
  • Enhancing the role language plays in socio-economic-political contexts
  • Ensuring effective use of language in professional, academic and administrative settings

Enhancement of Language Skills and Proficiency

To achieve skills development and language proficiency;
  • We run a number of programmes that target the specific language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • We organise workshops and summer schools on academic writing and research skills
  • We offer training and conduct language proficiency tests

What We Do

  • Educational testing/evaluation to provide input to curriculum design and textbook writing
  • Organisation of workshops and conferences
  • Publication of peer review journals, edited books, specialized and general books
  • Collaborative research between local and international researchers
  • Educational consultancy to governments and non-government agencies
  • Training of young academics on academic writing
  • Academic Networking
  • Mentoring of junior academics
  • Assessment of knowledge production dissemination
  • Training of specialized and general personnel

About Us

Clarep is a convergence of a group of language professionals whose research focus is on language revitalization, expansion of language function, enhancement of language skills and proficiency. The center also provides services such as: Educational Consultancy, Certification Courses, Collaborative Research, Training (for young academics and professionals), and Publications.


Reading maketh a full man; Conferences a ready man; and Writing an exact man…

Sir Francis Bacon

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